News from Raintree

What is happening with the weather? The last two summers have been very cool and wet and this past winter has been described as the winter that never was. March surprised us all with several days of record warm weather with some days equaling the warmest day last summer. El Nino has been the explanation of our warm winter along with the warmer/ dryer than normal spring. Usually, in El Nino years, the summers have been warmer with very little rainfall. Can this be our prediction for this summer? Because last summer was quite wet, sprinkler systems were used sparingly. The same was true with the 2008 summer.  It has been our experience that when we have two wet summers (eg: 1992 and 1993), sprinkler systems have issues that have gone uncorrected for 2 years which creates an overload for our service technicians to deal with. This is especially true if this summer is indeed dry and warmer than normal and everyone starts using their systems to the maximum. It is therefore essential that you check out your system or have our technicians check it early before we get severely backlogged. Also, with the limited use of the sprinkler system last year, grass tendsto grow over the sprinkler heads. When it comes time to turn on the system this spring, some sprinklers cannot popup through the turf. If you start up your own system, this is something you should be aware of.

Harmonized Sales Tax

The new HST (Harmonized Sales Tax = 13%) will increase the cost of most services we provide. In previous years and up to July 1st of this year, we only charged 5% GST on work and parts we provided. Under the new HST, 8% PST is combined with the 5% GST on all labour and materials on all installations and service. For customers on Maintenance Contracts, if payment is made BEFORE May 1st, GST is charged. If payment is received on or after May 1st, HST is applicable on any portion of the service completed after July 1st. Therefore, if you want to avoid charges later on your Maintenance Contract, please make sure your payment is in before May 1st.

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