Water Management


A Raintree designed and installed irrigation system is already a good choice.

If you’re looking for even greater water conservation Raintree offers cutting-edge green technology.

Smart Controllers


Smart Controllers are weather-based control systems feed live weather information to your controller. It is the most accurate system available and can reduce water use between 30-70%.

It isn’t just rainfall that affects your watering needs. Evapotranspiration has a significant impact. Evapotranspiration is the amount of water lost from the soil (evaporation) plus water loss from the plants themselves (known as transpiration). Raintree’s smart controllers use precision real-time weather data fed wirelessly to your Smart Controller to maintain the optimum moisture balance in the soil. Your plants aren’t over-watered. Your plants aren’t under-watered.

The Result

Significant water savings, deeper root systems and a healthier landscape!

You can easily upgrade your system to an extra smart, simple to use Smart Controller.  Raintree designs and installs water reuse, reclamation and rainwater harvesting systems and designs that earn LEED certification points.

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If conservation and water management matters to you, give us a call.